Who am I?

Storm M. Grayson comes from a long line of artistic and historical statesmen and endeavours to carry on the tradition!

A descendant of the Crawshay family of South Wales on her maternal side and her great grandmother, a descendant of the famous Vignoles family, remembered for civil engineering during the early days of railways and bridges. Her paternal side is filled with actors and performers and stretches back to the Scottish aristocracy. More information on all these families and their achievements will follow in the future.

Storm, first trod the boards when she was 18 months old at the local amateur dramatic group run by her mother, but she was not destined to go into acting, although her name would suggest it. Instead, her early years were spent with ponies, cats, and farm life. 

By her mid-twenties, she had become a well-known judge of horses and ponies, running a successful livery stable. When the costs of running such an establishment became too much, she changed direction and over the years became an administrator and personal assistant in many businesses from Horticulture to hospitals, culminating in setting up her own secretarial and IT business in the 90s. Along the way, she set up and ran a very successful dog grooming business, both mobile and  parlour. A breeder and judge of dogs specialising in Border Terriers.

Writing and photography have always been of interest and so it was only natural she would follow her mother in taking up writing and publishing. 

Having carried a camera from her days at boarding school, she has become a picture addict and never leaves the house without her trusty Canon. Butterflies, birds, and wildlife are much photographed (and her pet spaniel) and the galleries can be enjoyed on this site. She accepts commissions but not studio work.

Learning to cook with her grandmother and mother, she is always creating delicious dishes and does not do takeaways other than fish and chips maybe twice a year. You can find some recipes on the site which will be continually added to.

In recent years Storm has established The Writers Publishing Company (UK) which is home to The Writers and Readers’ Magazine. She is the managing editor and publisher.

In early 2021 Storm retired from the rat race! And moved to rural Somerset, where she continues to edit and publish the bi-monthly magazine The Writers and Readers’ Magazine, which is filled with short stories, articles and poetry from around the world. 

To fill the days she now runs a local sewing business taking in repairs and alterations at Bower Hinton Sewing.

She has many hobbies and interests and loves to travel, particularly to America, where she has many friends.

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