Just What the Doctor Ordered! by Storm M Grayson

It was just what the doctor ordered. Tanned and toned, muscles, oh my goodness muscles filling out his clothes in a masculine way. Jeni hoped against hope that he was the one she had been talking to over the internet. You never knew these days as so many people were less than honest about themselves and as for pictures, well that could be a minefield.

As arranged she was waiting in her car in the car park, Jeni never liked to meet in too public a place as there was no easy way of making a run for it if she didn’t like what was coming towards her.

Her date for the evening locked his car and walked straight over to Jeni, who sat deep into the driving seat her heart pounding in her chest, this was always a tricky bit, to peck on the cheek, shake hands or just stand there like a pudding, whatever you thought was right flew out of your mind at that very moment and you became a gibbering wreck, especially when your proposed date looked the way this one did.

Walking round to the driver’s door, Jeni’s date smiled and pulled the handle.

            ‘Hi’ Jeni said, her head feeling like cotton wool

            ‘Hi to you too,’ he said with a smile. ‘Are you going to sit there all evening or shall we see what this pub is like?’

            ‘Oh yes sorry,’ she said, feeling an idiot and thinking, here I am I finally find someone good to look at and I am struck dumb.

Jeni eased herself out of the driver’s seat trying not to show too much leg, oh dear perhaps I shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt she thought.

Her date held out his hand as she was getting out, she gladly took it ‘thank you, I am so sorry, you must think I am silly, but I have had one or two dates from this website and nobody seems to have a recent picture’ they both laughed.

            ‘I am Ben, by the way

            ‘and I am Jeni, spelled J E N I, my parents had a vicar who couldn’t spell, or rather that was their excuse.’

They laughed again and Ben put his arm around Jeni, as they walked over to the pub.

He seemed to be the perfect gentleman, polite and cheerful. Jeni couldn’t believe her luck, something is bound to go wrong she thought to herself. They sat and chatted all evening there were no gaps to fill in the conversation and they seemed to find plenty to laugh about.  All too soon the landlord of the pub called last orders, and they made their way to the car. Jeni’s mind was racing. All the things she had been told about first dates and also her own experiences were fighting to get her attention. They arrived at Jeni’s car as she was about to open the door Ben pulled her close giving her a hug, ‘will you see me again?’ Ben asked, his lips close to her ear. His warm breath on her neck was giving her goosebumps.

‘yes I would love to. I think you have my mobile number?’

‘yes I do. I will call you tomorrow and we will make a plan’

A plan thought Jeni, I definitely have a plan for you Benny boy! He kissed her gently on her lips and said ‘I have really enjoyed this evening I hope you have too?’

‘Yes, I have Ben thank you for meeting me. Until tomorrow then’ she got into her car trying to behave like a sensible grownup. ‘Bye’

‘Bye, drive carefully.’

This is where her car won’t start, she thought, or I stall the engine! But no, maybe she lurched a bit as she pulled away but waving she drove down the road towards home. She let out a deep breath not believing how the last few hours had gone, wait until I tell Rosie, then again perhaps I will keep quiet until I am sure I get another date. If she asks I’ll just be fairly laid back and say he was ok.

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