I don’t dislike creatures but……


Since buying an old miners terrace cottage I have had visitors. Mostly slimy. Before I spent a fortune in repairs and re-plastering I had not noticed the vapour trails over the grimy floor. But since I laid a very nice moss green wall to wall carpet silver trails became noticeable. As I am away quite often the house and its family of creatures are allowed to run amok. I first noticed the trails by the front door and even up on the hall wall, so summoning the builder I got him to seal the gaps round the front door. For a time this worked, then I noticed silver trails glistening across my sitting room and into the corner behind the television.  As the houses are built on a slope there is a void under the floor and an old coal cellar below the bathroom, so I got a friend to go and investigate.  He found several families of snails well entrenched amongst the damp rubbish that the builders had left behind. So we cleaned it all away and I imagined that would do the trick. But no, it has happened again so I tried salt, bunging up the holes and fierce words, but nothing worked.  Am I now the first person to have slug pellets in her sitting room?







(Written some years ago when I bought a property in South Wales).

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