A Day in the Life of a Dog Sitter

A Day in the Life of a Dog Sitter

By Storm Grayson



     Arriving early having driven eighty miles in the pouring rain I can hear a commotion coming from the kitchen as I get out of the car. The Jackson’s have already left for Tenerife (lucky them) the keys as usual are left in the Wellington boot. I make calming noises unlocking the door and am nearly flattened by two Labradors and a Jack Russell terrier, as they set off at speed having seen the neighbour’s cat through the window making its way home after mousing in the stables.

      I dump my bags and go and retrieve my charges, a long whistle brings them hurtling back, they suddenly realise it’s me and I get my usual welcome. It looks as though a rather good game has been going on so a quick tidy up is needed. I am followed everywhere closely which will continue all week as they probably get more walks when I am staying.

    After coffee and a biscuit it’s time to put my boots on and take them for a walk. Luckily no leads are necessary although I do take one just in case. Out through the bottom gate by the vegetable patch and we can walk for miles over moorland without ever seeing another soul.   After an hour of rushing around we can all relax in a heap until after lunch. The afternoon sees a few chores done from the list I have been left, but dog bathing can wait until next week in time for the return of the family.

    Late afternoon takes us again up on the moor stopping for a chat with Jeff on the way who is pruning fruit trees. He used to look after the dogs but he finds it a bit too much since the arrival of the terrier pup, he only works part time being past retiring age. I learn the local gossip and then go to catch the dogs up who are after some poor innocent creature hiding in the heather. It’s beginning to get dark so a quick rub down for the Labradors as they are wet. and muddy from today’s rain and not wishing to lose any fingers I leave the terrier to shake and rub all over the back door mat.

    Crowded around the bin in the utility room they are waiting for the main meal of the day. I have to feed the terrier separately as the labs are so greedy they seize on anything half eaten. With that done a sit down with the paper and a cup of tea. I enjoy a delicious supper that has been left for me then it’s time to let the dogs out one last time and to put them to bed. A stern word to them not to bay at the full moon tonight as has happened in the past.  I am sleeping in the ground floor bedroom the other side of the wall silence would be welcome.








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