What are we going to do about mother? By Storm Grayson

What are we going to do about mother? By Storm Grayson


Confined in the dark

She would hate


Cannot be her fate


Trusting her daughter

To do the right thing

And follow her wishes

To go on the wing


Ah but here is the rub

With Covid you see

The party she wanted

For friends a big tea


So, delays there have been

We could not decide

And now in a box

She still quietly resides


Her words I can hear

 I just cannot be

Just release me – Right now

Not left in a box for eternity


Collected at last

From the funeral home

She has been in the car

The county to roam


Ok then mother

I promise you this

A friend you can have

While I make a list


Placed in the cupboard

With glass on the door

And a gentleman friend

Who could ask for more


Now here is the list

Pay attention right now

I’ll start with route

Much time to allow


Lets get you settled

back in the car

For our journey up north

So to spread you afar


The time is near

For us to go

Up on the hill

Where the wind doth blow


Soon you will fly

Like a bird on the wing

Many a dream

It became quite a thing



So farewell dear mother

Your life was the best

Many a struggle

But it’s now time to rest.


© 2022 Storm Grayson


This is in memory of my mother who always wanted to fly!

Due to Covid and the ongoing difficulties of arranging a get together my mothers ashes needed to be scattered but sadly not in the way she requested.

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