Do I really look like that?

 Do I really look like that?


We know how we look, short, tall, fat, thin, attractive or mediocre, or do we? We all think we know as we have looked in the mirror or the shop window and seen photographs, but what do we look like to everyone else?

I was taken aback recently when I was likened to someone we see occasionally on television and although a popular comedian I was not impressed that I was likened to her.  I am sure she is a very nice person and I know we are both vertically challenged but I didn’t think I looked quite that plump or that masculine.

When walking in town or up a country lane do people take any notice of what you look like, do they think ‘crikey she’s fat’ or ‘how tall is he, surely a basketball player’. Or do we just let our eyes glide over everyone and get on with where we are going?

People watching is, I find a great hobby and supermarkets have a wealth of different types. Recently just in one shop I saw a man in a wig or was it something off the end of a broom handle, a lady so large she was spilling over the sides of her mobility scooter and the bearded lady or was it a squeaky voiced man on the checkout?

But the big question I should like to know is what do I really look like?


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