The Single Life

Listening to the Sandy Posey song recently and also having been contacted by a magazine about living as a single woman I thought I would do a bit of musing here!

Although I have been married twice and have had some long term relationships I have also been single for a fair amount of time. Some people become desperate at being on their own, they become depressed, frightened and feel worthless. But then there are the others who relish being on their own to do what and when they want without having to consult anyone else. I fall in the latter category.

There are obviously downsides to being a singleton but most can be overcome. Learning a bit of DIY, being able to change a plug and a light bulb are always useful. I am not a reader of manuals so can figure out a few things. I am known for my techi abilities so helping out with DVD players, and new phones is the norm.

I have laid carpets, fitted a kitchen and in my younger days before computer engines I was quite a useful mechanic. Flat pack furniture – no problem.

The big downside can be socialising, its great for girlie lunches or helping with parties but its not so good if you want to go down the pub or out to a restaurant. Sitting on your own can attract attention and not always the welcome kind.

When I was interviewed for the magazine I was asked if I would like to get married again, well to be truthful no, but you must never say never. To have a nice man to go out to dinner with, go to the theatre and maybe some travel would be nice but the nearest he can live is next door!

I like my own space and can sympathise with the heroine of a book I have just read who wanted to get away from everyone and be on her own.