#blog of catchups at a snails pace

2013-06-15 16.14.09

Sometimes I liken myself to a snail. I am just about as speedy but get there in the end as long as someone doesn’t tread on me! Other times I pack my day without a minute to spare and get a similar result.

I have recently gone back to being a freelance secretary after a spell doing other things, which means a daily search for more work and driving around to different customers doing all the jobs they either don’t have time to do or don’t want to do. It can be interesting work and I am used to going into strange offices without any knowledge of their business or life (private secretarial work) as I have done a lot of temping in the past and worked in various places. I am hoping things grow a little more but not too much as I now find I don’t want to work ‘that’ hard for someone else.

I am looking forward to getting back to my writing and photography which is what I would really like to waste my time on, but having an aged mother it’s not always possible because of the interruptions. But determined I am.

My first mission in the next week is to book my trip to America to see friends who I have not seen in ages. I love America and used to travel there every year sometimes more than once. I am lucky to have good and longstanding friends so am able to call from the airport or turn up on their doorstep and not get turned away.

I have had some amusing trips through immigration especially with a name like mine and will blog them at another time as they make a good story.

I have been sorting out papers at my mothers and came across my old school books and looking at the one for composition (that’s what it used to be called) I see even at the age of ten I had good marks, the spelling was a bit off so nothing new there. But I thought it would be rather fun to rewrite some of the stories as the subjects look quite interesting.

Well, its Sunday so must do things like prepare a lunch. I hope you enjoy this read and come back another time. Thank you for being there.