Check Out the Writing and Needlework Pages

At last I have started to fill out my blog pages. I have now added some text to the writing pages and there is a short story and a poem so far. Hopefully more will follow. I have also added the next stage of the cross-stitch I am doing. This week I managed to get a knitting pattern I have been looking for and I purposely only bought the pattern! Have a look and click the links to the updated pages. More to Follow

New Gizmo for my Needlework

I always get excited when I have a new gadget. Today I received in the post something to help me frame my embroidery. I love stitching but can’t afford the exorbitant cost of framing. Its an art to get it looking just right. There is nothing worse than a wrinkled bit of stitching that’s sitting crooked in a frame. After being quoted nearly three figures to have a 12″x 5″ piece framed I searched on the internet to find help. Amazingly I found plastic teeth that fit round a board and you can stretch the work over it and then frame it. So I speedily ordered it from America to be emailed back to say they had a supplier in the UK. So after cancelling and reordering I was ready to receive it. Posty brought it today and guess what all the instructions are in French! But I have done it now – just have to buy a frame that’s the right size.

Having saved myself so much money is brilliant, unfortunately I have to pay the man who has come to mend the hole in the roof because there isn’t a gadget for that!