Visiting, sunshine and Reminiscing.


With Rosemary an old school friend of fifty years.

I have just spent three wonderful days with an old school friend and her husband down in Dorset. I ordered good weather and I was not disappointed, let us hope we do not have a return to winter next week. As I wrote previously in a blog real friends are amazing. You don’t have to see them daily or pick up the phone every five minutes.

I met Rosemary in my first term at boarding school (of which an amusing article you will find if you click here). I had never been away from home before and being transported to a strange environment at the age of eleven over a hundred miles away was pretty scary. I have never forgotten the kindness Rosemary showed me along with an American girl Nancy McClave who I have never been able to find again. Rosemary’s own life was not easy but it never stopped her from helping me through that first term. Sadly after she left we lost touch but on a visit to our local church next to the old school I found Rosemary had also visited and left her address in the visitors book. It was such a delight that I could make contact again. This I duly did and we have exchanged Christmas cards ever since. We arranged to meet at a pony show I was judging soon after we renewed our friendship and then I was able to stay on my way to Cornwall some time later. I then arranged a school reunion which was the first one we had had and she managed to join us.

So when I managed to arrange some care for my mother so I could take a short break the first person I contacted was Rosemary. Thankfully they were home over those few days and I was treated royally. We always have so much catching up and reminiscing to do I am sure her poor husband is glad when I have left. We had such fun and managed to swap addresses of others from school so we can get in touch.

Hopefully it wont be too long before we can meet up again. Remember its never to late to make that call, write that letter or send an invitation. School days can be remembered as some of the best times you ever have.

This Week in 1986

Watching the snooker world championship this week reminds me as it does every year of my appendix!
I had been suffering with a rumbling appendix on and off for some years and by April of 1986 I had lost three stone in weight looked yellow and could barely keep down a glass of water. I had a dog grooming parlour at the time and luckily my mother lived nearby so was able to hold the fort.
My Dr became quite exasperated with the consultant eventually sending me in as an emergency. Although not that long ago Hereford hospital was still a series of large nissen huts, mixed wards of what I remember at least twenty beds.  One of my vivid memories is of a lady having an asthma attack, now when I can’t be bothered to take my meds for asthma I remember what I saw.
My mother has a horror of hospitals as her generation only equates them with death and informed me she would not come to visit. My father on the other hand came every day being a frustrated Doctor and husband managed to visit also.
I was there two weeks as they were not satisfied it was my appendix so made a very large incision with lots of stitches. But I managed to enjoy the whole snooker tournament in the day room while I knitted a white aran sweater.
Silly the things you remember.

As I write this I am laid low with the cough that’s making the rounds and enjoying the snooker all those past players are now commentators and the new generation of players look so young!