Check Out the Writing and Needlework Pages

At last I have started to fill out my blog pages. I have now added some text to the writing pages and there is a short story and a poem so far. Hopefully more will follow. I have also added the next stage of the cross-stitch I am doing. This week I managed to get a knitting pattern I have been looking for and I purposely only bought the pattern! Have a look and click the links to the updated pages. More to Follow

Hitting a Bump in the Road!

My father always said ‘strive on you have all eternity to rest’. It was his favourite saying and he meant every word. I don’t know where it came from but as he was an actor it was probably from a play he did, I don’t think it was Shakespeare but would be interested to know if anyone can enlighten me. I am my fathers daughter and like to fill every minute doing something and feeling worthy. I also inherited multi-tasking from my maternal grandmother as I can sit and watch the television, eat my supper, embroider or knit and read the newspaper all at the same time. She, bless her could drink brandy suck a mac cough sweet and smoke an un-tipped Players cigarette as well. She lived to 94 so one of these must have kept her going.

As a family we have always been busy and a day with no accomplishments makes a worrying bump in the road. This past winter has caused a bit of a one  with long grey and never ending wet days. I am sure I am not alone with feeling wearisome and down in the dumps. But thankfully now although chilly the days are longer and the sun is not afraid to shine.

Business is inclined to go quiet between The New Year and early Spring which is another little bump, but it seems the road is beginning to smooth itself out.

I am at an age like many of my friends querying whether to keep on keeping on or take the bus pass (while its still available). However I am a person as I have said earlier who needs to be busy and feel useful so I shall keep on keeping on until the wheels wont go over the bump in the road any longer.


# Blog A more Positive Year Ahead

Happy New Year to all who are kind enough to read my ramblings.

I am glad to put an end to 2012 for many reasons, mainly due to the loss of several dear friends who have left for the other side. It is never easy and when in some cases particularly for me this year you have nursed people through the last months it makes it doubly difficult. It is also a sad time for me as my father passed away some fifteen years ago this coming week and I know although I have come to terms with it there is a sad part of me to stay with me for ever. When the time comes for me to say goodbye to my mother (who is 93 and pretty much up together) it will be a very tough time as I have no relatives to lean on. But, saying that I have close friends who I know will be a support.

ENOUGH! it is now 2013 and I am looking forward to picking up on all the things I have let lapse in the past year and to install some new ideas and projects. I am lucky in that I have lots of interests and I am never short of ideas to fill my time. Boredom is for the dog who cannot go for her usual walks, not me I can always find something to do. Before the upsets of last year I had started on two writing courses both of which I have let lapse, but I am determined to complete these and to sign up for more. I had a small amount of success last year with my published writing and am positive of future success.

I am a keen embroiderer and knitter and am doing a detailed cushion at the moment. I have several more pieces lurking in the bottom of the wardrobe waiting their turn. I love creativity which I have inherited from my grandmother. She was a great maker of things and had the first hand painted lampshade factory selling her wares in places like Marshall & Snelgrove, Queen Mary’s favourite shop. More on this in another blog.

New challenges will face us all in the coming year so lets brace up and face them head on.