People We Pass Along The Way

How many of us ponder the people we pass along life’s path. Whatever direction that is taken we mix with a variety of different people. From nursery school (or in my case kindergarten) and childhood friends, to teenage escapades to college or university and that’s before going to work. There are family members that come and go, either elderly relatives who pass away or ones that simply just disappear. Out of all the connections made with people it is only a small number that stay with us through life.

As one grows older our criteria changes when it comes to friends, because that’s when we realise we need good friends who will stick by you and not turn away when a crisis happens or advice is needed. How many friends can you count that you still know from the age of say 10? here I am talking real friends not those you would class as ongoing acquaintances. With real friends you don’t have to talk every day or even every month but you know they are there and when you meet up or pick up the phone its as if you saw them only yesterday.

During a working life particularly if you have had different careers or jobs you come across all walks of life, good and bad. And how about all those people you met in your teenage years going to clubs and parties.  Varied  interests conjures up different people, many long forgotten. But like dreams you can be minding your own business and suddenly someone who you hadn’t thought about or seen in decades suddenly comes to mind, giving cause to remember the good or maybe the bad times.

So just sit and think how many people have touched your life so far, hundreds, thousands or millions? Its a thought!


Information overkill on the #blog today

Are you constantly blasted by information and follow ups and reams of useless printed words?

I have to say I find this constant battering a complete turnoff and seemed to have unsubscribed to nearly everything I ever thought of as interesting. Don’t these companies realise rather than keeping interested parties on a string they are losing anyone who might have stayed along for the ride.

A recent case in point is with the job sites. I am currently seeking (like many others) some kind of employment, but after registering and asking for only one email a day with possible jobs listed I receive constant emails about everything from having your CV edited to taking the next step on the career ladder and achieving your goals; I am 60 for crissakes have a long and varied CV and all I want is an interview. Well I know that’s unlikely as I am one of probably a hundred applicants all with degrees, GCSE’s and NVQ’s and when I left school it wasn’t a requirement to go to college or university or even leave with an academic qualification! I did however achieve some qualifications in later life but they are probably insufficient.

If you buy something online you not only have constant emails with offers from them and their partners but you get it through the mailbox as well. Should you have searched for something on the web you are then pestered by everyone who has something to offer however remote.

How do we solve the problem? Just don’t subscribe to anything, search for anything and certainly don’t buy anything on the internet! I suppose life would be a bit dull but in my case my humour may last a bit longer!