Everything Stops for Wimbledon



I enjoy Wimbledon and I am not ashamed to admit it. Whilst I dont always get to watch every game I watch as much as I can. I used to enjoy playing and was in the junior team at school but then ponies took over and took to squash instead. Sadly I don’t play either of these games today but maybe one day. I still have my squash racket which will probably snap from lack of use.

Whilst I shall have to do all my major chores in the morning and after dark I will still be able to knit and do my embroidery whilst watching. And there is always the pause button so I can make tea! and the mute button to shut the commentators up while they make up things to say.

A major sufferer of hay fever it will give my breathing tubes a break from the garden.

I do feel sorry for people who don’t enjoy sport (I am not a football fan) because this time of year the television is swamped with it. But it is a break from all the terrible things that are happening in our world.

So like sport or not enjoy the next few weeks either in the garden or sat in front of the idiot box.


Grannies Little Adventure

2014-06-09 14.07.37

At 94 it is not as easy to do things you did when were 64. So anything you do is an adventure.

When we had a sunny day this week I summoned up my courage to go and sit in the garden, with the help of my trusty Zimmer frame and my daughter I managed to get over the step from the conservatory onto the patio. I have always preferred being outside rather than being stuck inside. But now at my age I spend most of my time confined to the bungalow as I am not able to get about as I did and certainly I am now no longer allowed to go anywhere without somebody with me as I have been known to topple over and everyone is afraid I will do it again – surprisingly I no longer bounce when I hit the deck.

I have always loved my garden and up until a couple of years ago managed to grow my vegetables and keep it reasonably up together. So it makes me very sad that I can no longer do it. A while ago they came and fitted grab handles in the doorway and railings so I can now get down the step and safely onto the lawn, so it takes me a long time just to get outside.

Once I had got onto the patio Zimmer trundled along to the steps down to the lawn but once on the lawn Zimmers wheels were reluctant to rotate. But I still managed to make it to the chair and had a lovely time enjoying the garden and the warm sunshine. My daughter does her best to keep the garden in check but its not the same as doing it yourself.

Time, Garden and My Week.

Here we are at the weekend again, where does time go? I am sure like me you can remember how time dragged at school and we were always told that as you get older everything speeds up, did we believe it? no we didn’t. I used to put it down to the fact I lived by my diary and in my business everything happened in six weekly chunks. But not now, I pack as much as I can into my week but there is always a little bit left over.

Now with the weather hopefully improving I can add the garden to my weekly duties but after being stung by a queen wasp this last week I don’t mind if I leave it all a bit longer. We have a very helpful neighbour but sadly he only does half the job so making more work. He had an idea we would like strawberry plants last year so he constructed a makeshift trestle in the fruit cage and planted strawberry plants in grow bags. He also planted veg seeds in the beds with no further activity, consequently we had only three strawberries (the rest went rotten) and the vegetables were strangled by weeds where they hadn’t dried up due to lack of water. My mother is no longer able to take part in the gardening process so its up to me to try and keep everything tidy. I mentioned if it were up to me I should probably cover the lot in gravel! Don’t get me wrong I love a garden and have always had one but not when you have a thousand and one other things more important as I do these days. Mother is telling me she wants to grow tomatoes again this year as she has always done so, she does not acknowledge the fact she not only unable to get down to the greenhouse but she has about one tomato a month due to her IBS and arthritis. We still have bags of them in the freezer from last year.

Yesterday saw me in Hampshire having lunch with a friend and then off to the crematorium to say goodbye to my second mum. She was a marvellous person a real mum always there with a kitchen full of good smells a spare bed and a comforting word. She had a passion for life and family and was an amazing vegetable gardener. There are few of her like still around and so it was so lovely to see the chapel overflowing with so many friends from times past. What a shame the vicar gave us a lecture, but it was cheered at the end with The Wurzels rendition of Combine Harvester.

So we head on catching up this weekend and getting ready for another week, lets hope this brings the builder to mend the hole in the roof, life can’t get better than that!




Early Bird


2014-02-13 17.43.31

‘An early bird catches the worm!’ Eugh I hope not.

Up and at it early this morning as domestics to do in double quick time so I can head out to a customer in Oxfordshire this morning. And things in the diary for the next couple of weeks. Including my first Networking meeting with the lovely ladies of ‘I am Woman’ in Swindon. It will be my first evening out for four months so a double plus.

Yesterdays sunshine made all the difference to me and I feel a little more motivated. About time I would say. The winter has gone on far too long for all of us and its now time to hunt for the green shoots of spring.

The daffodils are about to come out in the garden and our neighbours have crocus on their lawn.

As a friends father used to say ‘Forward the colour is Blue!’  (don’t ask me why.)