Fathers Day

A Sad Fathers Day for Many

With my father 001


I am always sad when Fathers Day comes around and I am sure I will be the same on Mothering Sunday when mother is no longer here. I, like many daughters were very close to my father and when he left for the other side it was the worst day of my life. Time is a great healer and now 16 years later although sad I remember him fondly.
As I mentioned to my mother only recently I had always known him and had never had a time in my life when he wasn’t there and it will be the same when my mother passes away. I sometimes think parents forget to realise that their children have never had a time when they have not had parents.
Sadly families break down or become separated but everyone has a mother and father. So unfortunately when we have days to honour our parents some of us only have our memories.
It is with a heavy heart that I see Fathers Day advertisement and cards knowing all I can do is visit a grave like so many daughters.
As a very good friend said to me once “nobody can ever take your memories away.”
Where ever you are, whoever you are I wish you a memorable and Happy Fathers Day.