Expressions and Phrases Inherited from Others.

Everyone has family sayings and phrases passed down through the generations. Many are repeated through the years without knowing where they came from. I was reminded of this when walking the dog the other morning, in the road there was a squirrel that had been knocked down by a car, and I recalled a friend who always referred to them as Mickeys and for ever after that is what they had been called.
As a family we have many passed down from ancient relatives one favourite is “I’ll have that little bit Ivy” an elderly aunt would save something on the edge of her plate but her brother would lean across with his fork and steal it. She never learnt or maybe she was amused by it.
When I shared a house some years ago with a friend we had all kinds of silly sayings. The postman was known as the poleeman and the dishwasher as the washdisher. If you were ever finding it difficult with doing something or changed your mind about going anywhere my fathers saying of ” you would come, you said you could do it.” Would bring a laugh. Or for a failure “hey ho skiddly.” And his favourite ” I know you want it but do you need it?”

The father of a lady acquaintance said he would get in the car to go somewhere and state “forward the colour is blue,” nobody in the family knew why it was blue.

Like family stories to make sure sayings are not lost use them often so your family character can continue. There are so many in our family there are too many to mention here, but I would love to hear back from anyone else who finds the family sayings a lot of fun.

A Sad Fathers Day for Many

With my father 001


I am always sad when Fathers Day comes around and I am sure I will be the same on Mothering Sunday when mother is no longer here. I, like many daughters were very close to my father and when he left for the other side it was the worst day of my life. Time is a great healer and now 16 years later although sad I remember him fondly.
As I mentioned to my mother only recently I had always known him and had never had a time in my life when he wasn’t there and it will be the same when my mother passes away. I sometimes think parents forget to realise that their children have never had a time when they have not had parents.
Sadly families break down or become separated but everyone has a mother and father. So unfortunately when we have days to honour our parents some of us only have our memories.
It is with a heavy heart that I see Fathers Day advertisement and cards knowing all I can do is visit a grave like so many daughters.
As a very good friend said to me once “nobody can ever take your memories away.”
Where ever you are, whoever you are I wish you a memorable and Happy Fathers Day.

# Blog A more Positive Year Ahead

Happy New Year to all who are kind enough to read my ramblings.

I am glad to put an end to 2012 for many reasons, mainly due to the loss of several dear friends who have left for the other side. It is never easy and when in some cases particularly for me this year you have nursed people through the last months it makes it doubly difficult. It is also a sad time for me as my father passed away some fifteen years ago this coming week and I know although I have come to terms with it there is a sad part of me to stay with me for ever. When the time comes for me to say goodbye to my mother (who is 93 and pretty much up together) it will be a very tough time as I have no relatives to lean on. But, saying that I have close friends who I know will be a support.

ENOUGH! it is now 2013 and I am looking forward to picking up on all the things I have let lapse in the past year and to install some new ideas and projects. I am lucky in that I have lots of interests and I am never short of ideas to fill my time. Boredom is for the dog who cannot go for her usual walks, not me I can always find something to do. Before the upsets of last year I had started on two writing courses both of which I have let lapse, but I am determined to complete these and to sign up for more. I had a small amount of success last year with my published writing and am positive of future success.

I am a keen embroiderer and knitter and am doing a detailed cushion at the moment. I have several more pieces lurking in the bottom of the wardrobe waiting their turn. I love creativity which I have inherited from my grandmother. She was a great maker of things and had the first hand painted lampshade factory selling her wares in places like Marshall & Snelgrove, Queen Mary’s favourite shop. More on this in another blog.

New challenges will face us all in the coming year so lets brace up and face them head on.