Needlework, Embroidery and Knitting

I inherited my love of creativity from my maternal Grandmother she was a very clever lady of which I find hard to match. As well as being a well known breeder of Yorkshire Terriers and a Crufts judge at 80 years old she was a great artist. She opened the first painted lampshade factory and supplied many of the large department stores in around 1928. She painted in oils and I remember when I was quite young we would drive her out to a picturesque cottage or garden and she would paint. The smell of turps and linseed oil always takes me back. I grew up wearing sweaters knitted by her usually yellow polo necks! Her mother (my Great Grandmother) was a very fine needlewoman and I still have her needlework box.

I enjoy knitting, the more colours and complicated the better, crochet and am wearing one of my creations as I write. I have embroidered many things including some very fine napkins. Below are some pictures of my achievements. If you would like anything knitted, crocheted or embroidered please let me know.

Follow these Links:

Current Project




Various Embroidery

I Will Finish This!


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