My Writing

I have been writing on and off for some time. My mother who is quite a well known author in her own field is an inspiration. Like many people I have the unfinished novel, the life story and countless short stories in the cupboard. I have taken a couple of writing courses which have taught me a great deal as well as teaching me which avenue I want to follow. Family circumstances hinder my concentration at the moment but I endeavour to write something each day even if only my blog.

I have been published and one of my early pieces was about my travels to America with my friends who were professional handlers at dogs shows. Recently I have had a piece in The Saturday Telegraph in reply to an article and also a nostalgic look at life at school that was published in The Best of British Magazine.

I like to write nonsense poetry. For me its not poetry unless it rhymes and makes you laugh.

Have a read of this one and see if it makes you smile. Thin Lips and Turned Out Toes

In the 80’s I travelled to America to help friends with the dog shows. I wrote several articles about these trips and this is one of them published in Dog World in 1989  On the road with American Handlers

This is story about one of my house moves. It was a complete nightmare and took place in the the early eighties. Click here to read. The Move

Another little ditty Sometimes




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