World Events

Everything Stops for Wimbledon



I enjoy Wimbledon and I am not ashamed to admit it. Whilst I dont always get to watch every game I watch as much as I can. I used to enjoy playing and was in the junior team at school but then ponies took over and took to squash instead. Sadly I don’t play either of these games today but maybe one day. I still have my squash racket which will probably snap from lack of use.

Whilst I shall have to do all my major chores in the morning and after dark I will still be able to knit and do my embroidery whilst watching. And there is always the pause button so I can make tea! and the mute button to shut the commentators up while they make up things to say.

A major sufferer of hay fever it will give my breathing tubes a break from the garden.

I do feel sorry for people who don’t enjoy sport (I am not a football fan) because this time of year the television is swamped with it. But it is a break from all the terrible things that are happening in our world.

So like sport or not enjoy the next few weeks either in the garden or sat in front of the idiot box.


Thursday Already. Flooding, media and olympics.

Well another week nearly over, where does time go. So what’s happened this week? Rain, rain and more rain with gales added in places, nothing new there then!

The media have only two subjects this week, Russia’s Winter Olympics and the Weather. While the reports coming from Sochi would be funny if they were not so disappointing. The pictures on Twitter of the accommodation does ask the question, did they have a building programme and a deadline? As the area was chosen for its cold weather it seems strange they don’t have somewhere warm and comfortable to live.

The flooding is as we know a major issue but I have always been lead to believe that the Somerset levels are prone to flooding. This is exceptional weather as we know but like the sudden snow we are occasionally subjected to nobody most of all the country is prepared. As a child I lived in an area that was flooded every year, in fact when we moved in the removal van could not get down the lane and all our belongings had to be transferred on to a trailer pulled by a tractor! Did we jump up and down and shout at our local MP or ring the local media. No! we just got on with it.

News today that William Roache has been cleared gladdens my heart. What kind of people make these allegations? Can I remember in detail what I was doing over 30 years ago and if it was so terrible why wait until the so called perpetrator is an octogenarian with a long successful career in the public eye. I can only think its money. But my biggest irritation about all these cases guilty or not why is the victim or victims given anonymity makes me think they dont have the courage of their convictions. They should be named, why is it the innocent has to take all the flack?

My memory of the Kennedy Assassination #blog

Where were you when Kennedy was shot? that was such a regular question and due to the anniversary will it be a popular question again?

My memory is vivid (giving my age away now!) I was at boarding school in Lewes, East Sussex. We were a very small contingent usually about seventeen in all and a few were from overseas. There was one in particular her name was Nancy McClave and she was from New York state, she was particularly kind to me in my first term as I was dreadfully homesick having never been away from home and being only eleven years old. I soon got over my homesickness and was at the school for four years until I left my education behind and Nancy went back home. Sadly we lost touch and I have never been able to find her.

The day the news of Kennedy being shot reverberated round the school and Nancy was inconsolable, this was a new emotion to me as I was brought up in a house with a stiff upper lip and you never showed any emotion if you had any. My crying when my ponies were sold or when a guinea pig died were not acceptable even for a child, so having a friend weeping and wailing over someone they didn’t know was completely alien to me.

So now if someone asks me what was I doing when Kennedy was shot I have no difficulty in remembering. Poor Nancy I hope she got over it eventually.

# blog World events as seen from Oxfordshire

Well, apologies it is a few days since I have managed to find time to put fingers to keys.  Quite a few things have been happening in our world again and I wonder now how true the words of Nostradamus are?

The “seven signs” mentioned in the Old Testament are: religious deception, internal revolution, worldwide war, famine, the poisoning of the earth, earthquakes, and plagues and disease. Some of Nostradamus’ quatrains deal with the likes of  famine, plague, and earthquakes. Are these all linked or is it just a coincidence that some of his writings appear to have some basis on events in the world today.

There have been uprisings of some magintude over the centuries but as we get more advanced with weaponary and technology are we not pushing ourselves towards destruction? Why is there so much anger in the world and why are there people who will do anything for power risking the devastation of their country and of their people?

It seems unlikely sitting here in the Oxfordshire countryside with the birds tweeting and dogs and horses as company but with radio and television reports the other side of life is brought right into our own home.  Sometimes its hard to believe that this is happening and unless you have experienced such violence I don’t think we have any way of knowing what it must feel like.

I know that when I am at home and work I find it difficult to imagine other people in other countries are going about their daily business just as I am, it all seems to be very remote and imaginary. I know that it is all happening around the world just like here but it is a strange feeling, just as I find it puzzling that people can watch me go about my daily tasks and I can’t.  I often wonder what I look like to others, but that is for another blog.