#Blog The blooming banks of the Rhondda Valley

Despite the rain I have had to sally forth with the dog for walks up the mountain.  But what you see when you get out the front door and round the corner makes it all worth while. Whilst it is now all incredibly green the banks and bushes are covered in flowers. Because we are not anywhere too  near industry or main roads the pollution levels are minimal. We also have no farming apart from the odd sheep hanging by its toenails so no sprays or fertilizers.

This morning the yellow broom cheered up the rather damp walk, there were yellow iris’s on the banks of the lake amongst the bullrushes. There was a lovely low growing bush with pretty white flowers and many wild flowers. The best sight of all was the profusion of wild orchids, they are so pretty and there seem to be many more each year.


#blog weekly roundup

This week has seen me laid low with a sinus infection. I don’t do illness so very tiresome. I have so much to do at home which I rarely see so a week at home should be a wonderful time for catching up.  Sadly I didn’t feel well enough to do anything until its now time to leave to go back to work.

Today is glorious here in Wales and really lifts the spirits. Instead of walking Bess round the lower lake and up on the mountain we got in the car and went to the upper lake.  Its quieter there and the setting is so tranquil. I have posted some pictures at the bottom of this post and there are a few pics on the bess blog of her enjoying the water in the stream. We have had a very wet week here so plenty of water flowing down from the mountains.