Writing isn’t Easy by Storm Grayson (c)

Writing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Putting one word after another in theory is a doddle, but when it needs to make sense and appeal to the reader it is another thing entirely.


Publishing books, short stories or poetry takes time, thought and patience. When deciding to take that big step into the unknown you will find a wealth of information in the form of self-help books, courses and advice from fellow writers. As in life everyone has their own way of doing things and what may work for one person may be a disaster to another.


It is pretty well guaranteed that you will fail miserably in the beginning, but nobody ever learns anything from getting it right first time other than how to accept praise gratefully. Failing will set you up for the rejection letters that agents and publishers are so well practiced at sending out.


Enough of the gloom and doom of being the next big thing in writing. Nearly every writer will tell you about false starts and thoughts of giving it up to be a school dinner lady or plumber. Perseverance is the word to remember here. If you like what you write and enjoy doing it whether it is making up stories or writing letters to the local press, then keep on doing it, practice makes perfect. My mother who published 16 books and wrote columns for many publications sharpened her skills on letters of complaint to the local paper and advertising.


In the beginning take baby steps, but have in mind that best seller, make up a picture of your best-selling book and pin it to the wall to remind you why you decided to be a writer and make a plan.


There are several sayings associated with writing one is write what you know, and I always add to this don’t write what you think you know, it’s a bit like telling a fib and then forgetting what you fibbed about in the first place. The other is, everyone has a book in them! Do they? I am not so sure.


If you are going to be a writer, here are a few things I think you should remember: Don’t ramble, so many books these days in order to keep the word count up are heavily padded, most readers prefer to read the plot and associated happenings not the fact that Uncle Bertie fell up the front door steps in 1932. Employ a proper editor that comes well recommended it is money well spent. Don’t ask all and sundry family members to read it and tell you what they think, you will never get an honest opinion as they wouldn’t want to upset you. Unless you have a mother like mine who is overcritical and can burst your bubble in 10 seconds flat.


As a when I can find time writer it has taken me a good many years to settle into my own writing niche. With occasional published articles and short stories, eighteen months ago I founded The Writers Newsletter. I had a spell rescuing another writer’s newsletter previously and it was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it came to a premature end due to matters beyond my control and all but disappeared. So, after some thought I decided to do my own and I love it.


It is published monthly online and is worldwide, the stats have now gone completely out of control and it is viewed around a thousand times a day. The idea is for it to be a platform for writers and readers of all genres to contribute and read stories, articles and poetry. We also publish festival lists, competition lists and links from research sites to associations. Over the months we have grown and now have book promotions, author interviews and a recent news page. One other feature I am proud of is the good works item where we promote a good works/charity supported by books or writing. We have big plans for 2018 so watch this space.


In the January of 2017 I founded The Young Writers Newsletter, this is for anyone 18 and under and for children’s authors and young adult authors. It runs on the same lines as the adult version and has been well received. I have recently taken on someone of 18 to help edit and produce it so I am expecting great things in the months to come.


As a writer it is always good to take time out and do something completely different. Mine is walking the dog and photography. I purchased my first proper camera 8 years ago and have produced greeting cards, calendars and accept commissions for Flowers and Gardens and Show dogs and Horses. I am extremely observant which bodes well as a writer and photographer and can be combined quite successfully.



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