This Week in 1986

Re-blogging as originally done from my tablet which seemed to have had a hitch!

Storm Grayson

Watching the snooker world championship this week reminds me as it does every year of my appendix!
I had been suffering with a rumbling appendix on and off for some years and by April of 1986 I had lost three stone in weight looked yellow and could barely keep down a glass of water. I had a dog grooming parlour at the time and luckily my mother lived nearby so was able to hold the fort.
My Dr became quite exasperated with the consultant eventually sending me in as an emergency. Although not that long ago Hereford hospital was still a series of large nissen huts, mixed wards of what I remember at least twenty beds.  One of my vivid memories is of a lady having an asthma attack, now when I can’t be bothered to take my meds for asthma I remember what I saw.
My mother has a…

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