Looking Alike, Angela Lansbury Interview.

I recently read an interview with Angela Lansbury. It was most interesting and I admire her for the variety of work she has done both on the stage, television and in film. As many other people I am sure I just loved her in ‘Murder she Wrote’. I was horrified to read they had thought of resurrecting it with a new lead actress. Like so many good series with convincing leads it would have been disappointing to us older viewers. I am sure I am not alone in thinking all these remakes don’t quite hit the spot and in fact I probably only watch one episode if its on television and then don’t bother after that.

My father was an actor and mentioned appearing on stage with Angela Lansbury in the early days and I know I have a picture somewhere. But what most amused and interested me was when she was asked about the new young actresses and she said what I have been thinking for some time. ‘They all have the same teeth’ she said. ‘Teeth make peoples faces interesting’ and she went on to say that the French have interesting faces because they don’t all have the same dentition. Her other comment was they all have thin bodies and long lank hair and mostly blonde. How I have to agree, so often when watching a programme it is easy to get lost as so many of the characters look and sound the same, particularly in the American television serials.

In fact walk down any high street these days and all the girls look the same. I know its not fashionable to wear beehives or have perms but surely not everyone has long lank hair falling over their faces.

What happened to individuality?


(Interview was printed in The Saturday Telegraph Review 15th February)

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