Music, Music Everywhere.

Are we fed up with the Olympics yet? They seem to have been going on for longer than 10 days. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching sport but the endless talking of nothing interesting and the constant repeats is making me a little annoyed. The other thing which happens in everything media outlet now is the background music – and SO loud. If you are hard of hearing as my mother is then you will understand what I am talking about. Music has infiltrated into everyday life and for some its very unnecessary. Even programmes on wildlife have it. Interesting documentaries are spoiled by loud music meaning you miss hearing all the interesting bits. I know I am not alone in mentioning this but they never take any notice. Its lovely when you have an old television programme because unless they have dubbed it with music you can actually here what everyone is saying.

Even shopping you can’t get away from it. Perhaps they could issue ear plugs in some stores for those who don’t want to hear the latest rap music while shopping for groceries.