The Digital Highway

In these times of endless emails and digital information it’s not always possible to read it all. Constant battering from groups, clubs and companies can be a real turn off. Like unwanted mail coming through the letterbox so often its deleted without a second thought.

Trying to unsubscribe to some sites is a life’s work and in the end the only way to get rid of it is to spam it. What happened to less is more?

Working on some websites recently it is noticeable how many words are written. What do they all mean and is it really necessary? So often its a repeat paragraph of one earlier or a page earlier. Because you have a website you don’t have to put everything and every gadget you find on it. A few well chosen words with links to more information is all that’s needed.

Emails sent from companies also have a lot of words, don’t get me wrong I like words, but not so many of them.

The gobbledegook written and said by politicians in the nineties is happily over but still you get a clever person wrapping up a basic fact in all the synonyms from the Thesaurus they can find.

So its off back to working on my new photography site and to see how much I can cram on to it 🙂