Fighting with technology!!

I have had a very stressful week so far, but also things to look forward to. I never seem to have enough time for everything and everything has happened this week! I am not one for reading manuals,its always been a failing of mine. If I can’t work it out for myself then its a pretty poor show. Since taking up computing about 20 years ago I have learnt a lot mostly by teaching myself. I have taken various courses and have a mountain of how to do books, mostly unopened. For some time now I have been helping people with websites, rewriting them adding things and taking away. I enjoy doing this and find it very rewarding. A friend of mine referred to me as a website doctor the other day, another tag to put on the end of my name.

After spending over an hour with my hosting server I thought it was all fixed, but guess what, it ain’t!

So things to look forward to. Another day tomorrow, working on other peoples websites. Next week I am off to a networking meeting (my first) so I must find time to collect some bits together to show I am available for work.

I may drop by here tomorrow but if not have a great weekend and stay dry.