Monday Post

Monday started on a not so good note. My little spaniel hurt herself while we were out on a long walk on Sunday and she woke me in the night crying. A quick trip to the vet and all was OK. She had sore muscles at the base of her tail from jumping in and out of cold water (she loves water!) its more likely to be found in Labrador’s and is I believe called dead tail syndrome. She is a great tail wagger so to see her with it tucked down close to her side was very worrying. She has some anti-inflammatory medicine to take for a few days then she should be OK. It is a good excuse though to have lots of cuddles.

I am a great learner of things and always like to take on new challenges. I was never very interested at school and preferred to be out with my animals and riding my pony. I left school without any academic qualifications, it was never suggested I try for any! But as I crept into my thirties there was no stopping me. I did courses in accounting, fashion and design, human management, computing and creative writing. Today I am researching website building which is something I have been doing on a small scale but now want to improve this skill as I really enjoy doing it. Its a big subject so will take it in steps.

There is a lot to be said for learning new skills when you get older, it is much easier and less frenetic. When you are younger you know it all and try to rush through it so not taking on board the complete subject. Once you get to your middle years and beyond learning has a different meaning and gives you a better sense of achievement.

So if you have time on your hands learn a new skill the benefits you get from it are enormous and often can be used to meet new people, give you an income and make you feel better about yourself. Go on give it a go.