Month: January 2014

Thursday Post (late!)

A day out of the off ice and away to Salisbury to see a friend and give her old poodle a haircut. I had a very successful dog grooming business for nearly 20 years and so its nice to keep my hand in although I doubt I shall every forget how to trim a dog. It also means my clippers get to see the light of day and oiled.

A quick stop at Waitrose and back to base to make sure all is well with mother and she hasn’t sacked the carer!

Tuesday Post

Things have been a bit busy lately so blogging has been put to one side. Having gone back to doing a bit more secretarial and website work together with my usual caring duties time and the weeks have been flying by.

I am trying to put all my little websites into one instead of having lots of bits, which is all time consuming added to which my domain server resolutely refuses to accept WordPress as a server! So for the time being if you go to you will find all my new pages, some yet to be filled.

I have also been learning on the job with a clients two websites so lets hope I shall be up to speed if someone else comes along wanting help.

I am now going to put up some pictures on my other pages and some blurb so don’t forget to check back later.