Christmas needs a makeover #blog

2013-12-14 13.49.37

Dear readers
I don’t know about you but I am fed up with Christmas starting in September its all very well to collect Christmas presents for people during the year but I don’t want to see Christmas cards and decorations in the shops before we have changed the clocks. Many years ago when I visited Italy at this time of year Christmas wasn’t allowed to start until 15th December, I wonder if this still happens.

As you get older the year goes by quick enough without foreshortening it with all our yearly celebrations melting together. Because you can be sure as eggs is eggs (its a pun) Easter eggs will be in the shops by the middle of January.

When I was a little girl Christmas was always very exciting for me unlike today. I don’t have any children of my own or any close family so as the years have gone on Christmas has meant less and less. The real meaning of Christmas I enjoy as I like to go to church to sing carols and celebrate the birth of Christ. When I was small my parents worked tirelessly to make Christmas special even though money was tight and we may not have had as much as other people. All the animals were given treats and the pony at the time had a card on the door with frilled edges! I have many funny stories about getting the turkey in the oven and the candles on the tree setting light to the branches.

My maternal grandmother lived with us when I was young and she always spoiled me.Christmas presents were easy to find for her as a bottle of Brandy would always do the trick. When I was about six mum took me to Ringwood market, and in those days they had an auction for household and garden effects in the town square. This is were we found my first proper bicycle. It was a purple colour and well used, it was so exciting but I wasn’t allowed it until Christmas morning where it had been wrapped up. Learning to ride it was great except we had a silage heap in the cattle yard and it was the only way I could stop in the beginning! Another memorable present was a wheelbarrow for the stables this was also wrapped up!
However you spend your Christmas I hope it is peaceful and enjoyable if not there is another one in twelve months time and you can try again!