A #blog plan

I was full of good intentions today but sadly things have gone awry. Life recently has overtaken everything else but, maybe tomorrow I shall be able to write in more detail on some of the thoughts I have been having this week.
So much is happening in our world at the moment it might be interesting to put my opinions down on paper and see if anybody else agrees with me or not. From today’s autumn statement to the gales and dreadful weather they are having in the north of our country and everything else in between, will, I am sure bring up something of interest for everyone.
For myself I have at last started to concentrate in my new office which used to be my mothers, sadly she can no longer read or write due to the lack of sight. She has written many books and thousands and thousands of words for articles, plays, poems and reports on horse shows, dog shows and other activities. I am still surrounded by most of her dogs books and in the sitting room her horse books, some of which I must admit our mine. I am sure others would agree with me when you move into somebody else’s space the vibes stay there for a while until you can overcome the fact it used to be somebody else’s. Already I am thinking of the New Year and hopefully will be able to get back to my writing which I am desperate to continue.
So until tomorrow I will leave you with these thoughts:

Happiness lies in liking what you do, not doing what you like.