Small, neat, discreet #blog today

First let me welcome new readers and followers, thank you for being there, I hope you find some of my ramblings of interest.

Small, neat and discreet that is what I hope is a good description of me.

I am, truly small in height I like to have everything neat and tidy as well as dressing to match the situation so yes small and neat. I cannot work unless my desk is tidy and my kitchen has to be just so! I am not pernickety but I know how it should be for my peace of mind. I have just taken over my mother’s kitchen due to her failing sight and she cannot now find anything, she was not a fan of worktops so it was all a bit cluttered, but a place for everything and everything in its place.

Yes, discreet has been a must in my work over the last several years and I think it should be a necessity in most cases.

Some of my work has involved handling large amounts of money be it in numbers rather than physical coinage and at times legal documents. In more recent years I have cared for very sick people whose lives and situation had to be handled in a very discreet and private way.

So much is laid bare these days either in discussion or on the internet and lets not forget the papers, I think it is covered up by the word transparent. Nothing seems personal or private any more. We need to guard against everybody knowing everything and anything otherwise we lose being our own person.