My memory of the Kennedy Assassination #blog

Storm Grayson

Where were you when Kennedy was shot? that was such a regular question and due to the anniversary will it be a popular question again?

My memory is vivid (giving my age away now!) I was at boarding school in Lewes, East Sussex. We were a very small contingent usually about seventeen in all and a few were from overseas. There was one in particular her name was Nancy McClave and she was from New York state, she was particularly kind to me in my first term as I was dreadfully homesick having never been away from home and being only eleven years old. I soon got over my homesickness and was at the school for four years until I left my education behind and Nancy went back home. Sadly we lost touch and I have never been able to find her.

The day the news of Kennedy being shot…

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  1. I was at a movie. Still can’t understand why no one was told until after the end of the film. People in the lobby looked stunned. I was in disbelief. Shock? Still can’t remember the name of the movie.

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