#blog of moans, groans and good things to come!

Holiday is long over and I have been back long enough to feel as though I have never been away. Doesn’t that happen to all of us? I left in early autumn and came back in winter although it was a tad under two weeks, lets be positive and once Christmas is over we can look forward to Spring.

Due to the fact I am now a carer for my mother it has been a stressful time as to what to do with my own house as its some 80 miles away and I have few chances of visiting. To let or not too let, that is the question. I am sure many have this problem but only you yourself can take that step. Looking at the math(s) it seems very expensive to set up for little reward especially as it takes so long to get the tenant out the house re-carpeted and redecorated before you can move back in.

I have never had any roots, and whilst it was ok for my mother (and she seems quite proud of the fact) for me it would be nice as I have no relatives other than a second cousin who is presently living abroad. I have lived a transient life thus far but would like to change that. My best option looks like a move abroad when the time comes especially as I was never born to live in the northern hemisphere (much to cold and miserable).

A new week beckons so lets look forward with hope, that goes for all my chums as many are feeling down in the dumps and need something to focus on.

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  1. Oh Storm. Times are hard right now. My feeling is you should let out the house now, later you can decide whether to continue with the let, sell or keep it and move in. Have to agree, you need to be in warmer, dryer climate. Virginia isn’t dry though.

    I’m worried about my encounter with kidney failure and no idea what caused it. Also worried about up-coming spinal surgery. (If I pass the pre-op physical on Thursday and don’t get slapped in hospital again like last time.). Am drinking gallons of water and kidneys are putting it through regularly which is a good sign. I’m too old for kidney transplant and the idea of dialysis 3 times a week doesn’t thrill me. If it came to that, I would call in hospice and ask to be kept comfortable until the end.

    Have appt. with “Dr. Bitch” on Tuesday. She is the one who missed the kidney failure diagnosis when I came in with all the symptoms. She told me to eat apples and she tested my thyroid. 10 days later I was in hospital.

    Because of spine I can’t sit upright for more than 10 minutes otherwise have very bad pain. I’m OK on my feet, that doesn’t hurt until later when I get pain in legs (usually happens about 3 a.m. And wakes me. So no sitting in restaurants, movies, church, etc. I spend most of time in reclining chair. Can read here or watch TV. Yes, “Blacklist” is very good. James Spader is a favorite of mine.

    Amy wants me to go have a pedicure with her tomorrow but I dread the sitting in car to get there and sitting in chair while getting the treatment. I may pack a cooler with ice packs and sit on one while having my “piggies” done. Or not go. Haven’t decided.

    This has been one helluva year. I hope I never have another like it.

    Wish me well as I will you.



    PS. Your Mum is so fortunate to have you. Give her my best. I can empathize with both of you.

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