#blog What do you do at home?

A silly question you might think, but not in my case. I spend a greater part of my time camping at my mothers so I can care for her, and work nearby so that she doesn’t have to have strange carers. Not that she would pay for one anyway!
This means my own home which is some 70 miles away only gets an occasional visit. Recently when I had arranged to go home for a couple of days I was asked ‘you are having two days at home, what are you going to do?’ This question doesn’t surprise me as I was asked the very same question by a friend some months ago.
What does anyone do at home? For me there is the usual cleaning, cooking, laundry and meeting with friends, who I rarely see these days and of course I do have a small courtyard garden that never gets enough attention.
I also have an office there as well as one at my mothers. The former is filled with all my cd’s reference books and my better computer, not to mention all my files. Another ‘treat’ when I am home is the television, I record my favourite programmes so I can watch them uninterrupted whenever I like.
I don’t have children but I do have a dog and when I take her home we have lovely long walks up the Welsh mountain outside my backdoor. She doesn’t always come with me as she is great company for my mother and does a wonderful job as a substitute carer!
So like most people home is home and the same things have to happen.

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