Falling asleep while reading #blog

I nearly always fall asleep while reading in bed and never go without picking up my current book before laying my head on the pillow. Sometimes the book falls on my face (which is one of the reasons I don’t read hardback books in bed. I keep them as downstairs books.) It rarely wakes me up but suddenly come to find it draped over my face. Quite often I drift off holding my book and when I stir I find it is still in reading position!

But what brought all this to mind was last night. I had settled down under the covers and was reading away, I had had a very busy day and was extremely tired so hadn’t planned on more than a few pages. I was suddenly aware that all the words were moving and mingling on the page and although clear I couldn’t catch them with my vision in order to read them. I had never consciously had that happen before and it was quite weird.

I would add that I am a ‘real’ book reader and not an e reader fan. I do take one on holidays but find no pleasure or interest in what I am reading unless it has proper pages. Old fashioned maybe but some of us just prefer it.

How many other people fall asleep while reading and are you conscious of it happening?

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