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This was taken two years ago this month, it seems like yesterday. We are always told that as you get older time moves more quickly but when you were at school waiting for the holidays you never believed it. These days I live by my diary and so weeks and months seem to fly by. Can we remember what April and May were like this year or even March come to think of it?

As a child when you were waiting for something exciting counting the days and even the hours seemed to be on a go slow. I am always reminded of the saying ‘a watch pot never boils!’ and in fact it doesn’t because as soon as you turn your back to pick up the tea towel its boiled all over the cooker.

I am sure – in fact I know – when in later life you are unable to do the things you used to time again slows as it did when young. Waiting for the next meal or visitor or even a television programme always takes so long. Days drag when you are on your own and in my mothers case with poor hearing and eyesight days can be never ending.

Most of us rush through life without a second thought to time but when we look back do we remember half of what happened?

So lets stop and smell the roses once in a while.

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