Long time no writeeee! #a blog at last

So much to do and so little time. But a new follower has prompted me to put a few words together. They are only a few but I will get my act together.
The year is quickly passing us by and I am sure Christmas cards and tinsel will soon be available in supermarkets. So we must enjoy this glorious weather while it is with us as true to our situation on the planet we will be back to wind rain and low cloud in a couple of months.
We may have had more than our fair share of rain during the spring but it has given us lush vegetation and if mothers apple tree is anything to go by a bumper crop of fruit. I am reminded of a trip I took a few years ago with a dear friend to New Hampshire, we stopped by some friends in the north of the state where we shown a beautiful garden on the side of a hill. The amazing thing was Spring didn’t arrive until summer, around June, and snow arrived at the end of August, but yet the garden had everything and it was flourishing. So let’s not complain about our short summers.
Two thirds of our lifetime is taken up with adventure,activities raising a family and exploring the globe and we never give a thought to the day when we will not be able to do all these things. It only occurs to us when we have to look after an elderly friend or relative that we see the afflictions and frailties at first hand. So its important to remember the not so young and to make every active day count while you still can. So get out the bucket and spade and the picnic basket and head to the beach.

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  1. Good words! I remember the trip north that we took. You taught me to eat “Cold Rice Salad” (we put lobster in ours along with fresh from the garden veggies and herbs.) “We don’t do fast food.” Camping on Mt. Desert Island and seeing Bar Harbor were highlights. We also saw Glory when she was a baby. I lots of good memories about that road trip while hauling the caravan. Also remember you helping me talk my way out of a traffic ticket for making a left turn in the wrong place somewhere in New Jersey (why weren’t those cops out chasing New Jersey Mafia instead of middle aged women who were so effing tired?). I thought I might have to resort to tears but you came through and saved the day! Was it your lovely accent?

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