Month: July 2013

Change of Direction ‘AGAIN’ #blog

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Life it seems changes daily as you get older. I have always been one to keep active and busy and as I advance in years nothing seems to change.

With an alteration to my working day due to ending of contracts etc., (we wont go there) I am forced to reinvent myself again. This is nothing new and in fact it always motivates me and gives me a new slant on things.

A few years ago before I was caring for my ladies who have now sadly passed on I ran my own freelance secretarial and computer business, now with an interlude working back in medical admin I am now starting afresh with private secretarial/pa work.

As I am now looking after my aged mother this will fit in well and means I shall be based in North Wiltshire. I have  worked in many different businesses giving me a broad range of experiences to put on my CV.

So watch this space-its sink or swim time!


Proofreading – the small stuff #blog

I am surprised how many people publish any form of the written word without reading it through, or, perhaps they do and just don’t see the mistakes. I have been trolling through advertisements lately mostly jobs advertised on line by agencies and I am amazed by the bad English and the bad spelling. Surely in such cases you get a colleague to check it. I have as I am sure many others have noticed mistakes some unforgivable in articles and newspaper columns.

Check the small stuff-it shows you are interested in what you write.

Long time no writeeee! #a blog at last

So much to do and so little time. But a new follower has prompted me to put a few words together. They are only a few but I will get my act together.
The year is quickly passing us by and I am sure Christmas cards and tinsel will soon be available in supermarkets. So we must enjoy this glorious weather while it is with us as true to our situation on the planet we will be back to wind rain and low cloud in a couple of months.
We may have had more than our fair share of rain during the spring but it has given us lush vegetation and if mothers apple tree is anything to go by a bumper crop of fruit. I am reminded of a trip I took a few years ago with a dear friend to New Hampshire, we stopped by some friends in the north of the state where we shown a beautiful garden on the side of a hill. The amazing thing was Spring didn’t arrive until summer, around June, and snow arrived at the end of August, but yet the garden had everything and it was flourishing. So let’s not complain about our short summers.
Two thirds of our lifetime is taken up with adventure,activities raising a family and exploring the globe and we never give a thought to the day when we will not be able to do all these things. It only occurs to us when we have to look after an elderly friend or relative that we see the afflictions and frailties at first hand. So its important to remember the not so young and to make every active day count while you still can. So get out the bucket and spade and the picnic basket and head to the beach.