A visit from friends to cheer #Blog

I was truly blessed last week when I was visited by my chosen brothers from America. We had a wonderful time and I miss them.

Both brothers are called Michael but big Michael as he is known I had not met before last week. He is a lovely person and if I spend some more time with him I hope some of his interlect might rub off on to me. The other Michael I have known since the early seventies when he would come over and stay with my parents and learn about Field Spaniels from my mother. He has also been closely connected with Golden Retrievers but is now a well known and respected judge of all breeds in the USA. Their visit was linked to Michael being asked to judge at the Amsterdam winners show, so as well as visiting the good old UK they were able to spend Thanksgiving with friends in Belgium where big Michael lived and worked for many years.

I collected them from Bristol Airport (remind me not to go there again its nowhere near Bristol!) and we headed to Cardiff. Big Michael wished to explore Wales (in 36 hours!) so after a coffee overlooking the bay we dropped him at the station.  Michael and I then spent a wonderful time catching up and reminicing about all the things that had happened all those years ago and also the summers when I would go across the pond to travel the country with him and his late partner David showing any number of dogs.

We finally met up back in Malmesbury on the Sunday evening at my mothers and after they had a very pleasant stay at The Rectory in Crudwell we explored Malmesbury and the Abbey on the Monday before heading back to Bristol Airport.

It was a fleeting visit but so many laughs and story reminicies will have to stay with me until I see them again

How important it is to not lose touch with old friends who have travelled lifes path with you. I am an only child and to have friends like these is a blessing.