Wardrobe Malfunction and All Change Starting Next Week #blog

Since finishing my caring duties I have been lounging/struggling on the work front but tomorrow its all change. I am going back to the NHS but as a receptionist this time at one of their specialist hospitals. I had not heard of them until I was asked for an interview following my application. The biggest drawback is a wardrobe malfunction. Up until about 3 years ago my work wardrobe was all suits and smart trousers, but over the last few years I have gravitated towards comfortable clothes. Overtaking the wardrobe blip is the shoe problem. I was a pointy toe and high heels kinda girl until I ruined my feet and had to have them operated on. Now I can only wear kitten heels and am forbidden from wearing pointy toes. We do have a uniform but I still have to wear something on my feet and I have to travel to work and I am not sure undies and socks are quite appropriate!.

Being five days a week is going to be a challenge but I am sure once I get into a routine it will be fine. I cannot say the same for Bess and you will have to read her blog to discover what she thinks. (missbess.wordpress.com).

Like many I have enjoyed our Olympic holiday but I have to say I find the constant talking and interviews rather tiring. I do feel for the athletes when a microphone is shoved in their faces and and they are asked ‘how do you feel?’ I think my reply would not be allowed on air and I think they should be given a medal for just putting up with it. Sadly I never managed to get a ticket as I only wanted one and obviously they thought me undeserving! A friend and I have decided to donate small change to our money boxes and go to Rio in four years time.

I look forward to the closing ceremony but anticipate it being rather noisy!