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I apologise for my tardiness in writing a regular blog but things have got in the way but now I am back and will bring you up to date on happenings.

I have over the last four years been caring for cancer patients on a private basis, but sadly they have now gone from this world and it has taken me a few weeks to put it behind me. It is always sad when someone you know loses the battle and even though it was a job you cannot help but get involved with their lives and families when you have to tend to their every need.

It also causes a break in employment and now I have crossed the age barrier it is not so easy to get employers to take an interest in you, but someone was smiling upon me and I now start a short contract in a couple of weeks until after Christmas. It’s connected to the medical side of things but not so hands on. I am looking forward to it but have a few things to attend to first.

As a judge of horses and ponies I have been unlucky with the weather so far this summer. I have been rained on quite heavily and had one of my shows cancelled, but I am off to Pembroke this week to judge and am saying my prayers that we have a dry day. The following week I go up to Chesterfield to stay with a dear friend and travel to Newark on two days to judge at the Ponies UK Championships. I remember a few years ago judging there when we had the most torrential rain and we were all up to our armpits in mud and the loos got flooded and we were lucky not to all get pneumonia. I have eight ‘o’ clock starts each morning and an evening performance so I shall be kept busy. It’s all run with military precision and every one is catered for with classes for everything several times over.

While being between jobs I have been able to spend some time at home in Wales where the dog and I have been taking to the mountain each day. The weather has been glorious and we have thoroughly enjoyed our hours out in Gods own country. Today was a bit special as we went to the very top of the mountain it is a long way up and one of us certainly felt the strain. The wild flowers are fabulous and the views unbelievable. Anyone who thinks South Wales is still coal mines and slag heaps should take themselves over the bridge and spend some time there.

I took many pictures and they can all be seen on my website which I have been working on as I have changed its name and completely relaunched it.


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  1. Looks familiar . . . and beautiful. Didn’t you take me there? Isn’t that Tonypandy? Incredible view.

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