# new blog ~ A Me Day.

Having had a fairly busy week I decided that today (Saturday) I would have a me day which I have not done in a while. So after walking Bess I set off for Cardiff. My hairdresser is on maternity leave so I had my hair cut done by the new stylist a couple of weeks ago at the same hairdressers. This was not a success. So I parked in one of the many expensive car parks in town and headed for John Lewis and low and behold right next to the entrance was a very inviting Hair and Beauty Spa (please note, not a hairdresser). On enquiring if they could fit me in today I was told yes and right away. I waited about 5 minutes and then they said there had been a mistake and it would be about fifteen minutes and would I like a complimentary file and polish, gosh I thought the day couldn’t get any better as it would save me trying to do them this evening with Bess wanting to help.

After my nails were done ( I was also supplied with two excellent cups of coffee) I was escorted to the chair. The stylist asked me how I wanted my hair and then given a head massage with oils, at the basin I was seated in a very comfortable chair and asked if I would like the massage pad turned on? Would I?? The stylist who cut my hair was very efficient and seemed to understand how I wanted it to look, which is very unusual. They also offer a maintenance trim every three weeks and discounts for referrals. I left there without having to take out a loan and the biggest surprise is they are open on a Sunday. RESULT! So I am all poshed up to go and judge dogs tomorrow.

I finished my me day with lunch at my favourite Italian Restaurant which was as usual delicious.

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