#blog update on the birds in our area.

Here we are nearing the latter part of February and apart from the odd bit of snow Spring is on the way. Today there was a definite change in the air and the birds have been very busy. The Red Kites have paired up and have started swooping around the wood where they make their nests. The rooks in the big trees behind the house have been giving the rookery a makeover and have been extremely noisy about it.

The birds are still eating greadily from the nut feeders and the biggest culprit is the spotted woodpecker, she arrives several times a day and fills up, we think its a female as we believe the male has a red spot on his head and this one doesn’t. We have clouds of fieldfares in the fields where the sheep where and on the edge of the wood the buzzard has been resting on the fence post watching the world go by.

Unusually we have two robinsĀ  I always thought they chased their relatives away but these two a real buddies! they come and pick up the stray nuts and crumbs dropped by the blue and coal tits and many chaffinches. There are many blackbirds in evidence and sparrows.

At nightfall the deer have been calling a very eerie sound if you are not used to it.