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Busy, busy, busy no change from last year.  I don’t make New Year resolutions as I have targets during the year and make my own deadlines which are considerably stretched at times. The busier I am the more I seem to take on. Because I am freelance I never like to turn down the offer of work consequently I am multitasking non stop!

Not only working in several different places doing many different things I am doing two writing courses, which, I have wanted to do for some years and never got my act together. I am enjoying one more than the other as it comes quite easily where as the other one needs more time spent on it which I don’t have, but I am determined to keep going.

Having worked over most of Christmas I took a week off and went home to Wales last week. What weather! we had the works, massive gales, hail and rain but as I now have Bess we couldn’t hide in bed and had to brave the elements. Needless to say one of us thoroughly enjoyed it!


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