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After several weeks I have managed to put finger to

key and write a few short sentences so that I am not forgotten.

Life has been extremely busy with all my ever increasing duties that computing of any seriousness has gone by the board. Now Christmas Day is over perhaps normal service will resume.  I am spending my weeks caring for someone and looking after house and animals so plenty had to be done in recent weeks. I have the added duty of my 5 month old puppy who I have to say is amazingly good.  I try and keep the same routine wherever I am so that her timetable isn’t disrupted.  We have been staying with my mother who is now 92 over the Christmas weekend who having had a lifetime with dogs (show dogs mostly) took a little time to accept a working springer who at this stage is all arms legs and body like a whippet! I think they have now ‘bonded’ a bit so we are getting there.  Bess is a bit busy at times but she plays with her toys or sleeps in her crate when asked.

We both go back to work tomorrow until the weekend and then we are going to have a week at home in Wales whatever anyone says! We have not been home for 6 weeks so am looking forward to catching up with Welsh friends and hopefully have some relaxation.

I trust everyone has had a good Christmas and wishing all the best for 2012



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  1. I wish the best for you. I wish you to have the healthiest year ever in 2012, the most fun, the best life . . .



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