#My Blog Update on Life

I  do not understand women who suddenly decide in their late fifties or sixties that they want to have a baby, if it’s anything like taking on a puppy then good luck to them! I have had animals all my life and knew what I was taking on but it is still a tiring and stressful experience.  This is especially the case for me as I work and travel around quite a bit. I do not expect problems so hopefully things carry on much as I hope but all the same it is a life changing period while you go through the early years. I have to say that Bess is very good and having her around has certainly filled a gap in my life.

I am though suffering from a few injuries due to her exuberance and my feet I hope will eventually return to normal due to firstly knocking the puppy gate down and it landing on my big toe.  Just as that had almost recovered (it has taken 2 weeks) the gate got in the way of my my hammer toe which was operated on a couple of years ago. So now I have a very black and sore second foot.  I will let her write in her blog as to her feelings on the matter.

So its all change in Italy, having recently watched the Borgias on television things don’t seem to have changed much over the centuries.  They are a naturally passionate people and I am sure Mr B will return as he is not one to remain in the shadows. I enjoyed very much my visits to Italy and hope to visit again before too long.  I have only been to the north and to Venice and look forward to visiting the southt. It will be interesting to see if France and Germany cohabit and leave everyone else to their own devices over Europe and the Euro.  Whilst I don’t follow their thinking I have to admire their stamina over the whole business.

I can remember when Ted Heath our Prime Minister floated the Common Market idea and I even had a shirt that said YES to it but as we have all discovered it was to be manipulated into a monster and hopefully our government will see it for what it is before it is too late. Thank goodness we didn’t join the Euro.