# Bird blog latest (feathery ones!)



Some interesting bird sighting this week for those who take an interest in such things. Now that the swallows are no longer here the Pied Wagtail has reappeared. They are amazingly attractive birds and seem not to mind human activity. Lately he/she not sure how to tell the difference, has been standing on the cottage roof catching the insects that are still flying around, fascinating to watch.

While sitting having lunch yesterday in the main house we noticed a green woodpecker on the cottage wall hanging by its toe nails. I don’t know what insects where there as I could only see ladybirds.  Getting rid of some of those would not be a bad idea.  I don’t know whether its because we are surrounded by trees but we are inundate with the darker coloured ladybirds and numerous flies.  Everyday I have to spray and sweep, perhaps if we had some frosts they would go away.

The red kites are still here but not quite so many, they perch up in the dead trees and watch the world go by. The other day the dogs had found a dead squirrel, it was left on the lawn after they were told to leave it alone, a kite was watching and it circled round quite close to my head and when I disappeared it swooped down and took it away. A great camera opportunity missed (again).