My #Blog for Sunday

Whether the weather be wet or whether the weather be hot,
We will whether the weather, what ever the weather,
whether we want to or not.

What a good saying this is for people living in the northern hemisphere.  Is it a wonder it is usually the main topic of conversation. In South Wales this weekend it has rained – and rained. Not cold thank goodness but damp all the same.  Talking with a friend in Hampshire on Saturday she said they had a lovely bright autumn day if a little windy. I am sure if I spoke to my friends in Scotland they would have snow threatening.  Talking of which, last week we were told that the end of this month would bring a heatwave, I wonder whereabouts this happened?  Three weeks ago while away on holiday the headlines in the paper told of a mini ice age hitting Britain at the end of October, no sign yet and we only have one day to go to experience both these phenomenons!

A couple of days ago NASA sent a new satellite into space to help with weather forecasting, long term weather patterns and  global warming the cost of this was/is $1.5 billion. It is a year late being launched although originally it had been planned for 2006 but was part of the budget cuts made by The White House. Apparently it will give warning of cyclones and hurricanes and monitor the Arctic regions. Am I alone in thinking that the money could have been used to greater purpose on Terra firma as this satellite will not change the weather or stop global warming but only tell us what the scientists can tell us already.

I have never been a protester and can see little point in it as what will be will be and those that rule take little notice. I cannot think of anything more miserable than being stuck in a tent in all weathers with no amenities.  As for pitching a tent outside one of our National Treasures stopping it from performing its God given right I think is a disgrace. Who are these people anyway do they not realise if we did not have capitalism we would be the poorer for it.  I do not agree with massive payouts for the men/women in suits but there is a balance to be achieved.