At Last a New #Blog Holidays and flying.

Hello readers. When I last wrote I was about to leave on holiday to the sun, the idea being to go for a rest and some warm weather, both were achieved after a tricky start with a few obstacles to negotiate. Hot it certainly was well above average for the time of year, but don’t think I am complaining, I would gladly go back as early as tomorrow!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when we boarded planes we were placed in sound proof cubicles with a lock on the door. On the way out we were subjected to a large family seated throughout the plane, they had several small children two of which spent the whole flight running up and down the aisle barging passed everyone including the flight attendants trying to do their job, they shouted and talked continually and the parents didn’t seem to take any notice. On the flight back we had a man sitting in our row who was an authority on everything and wanted the whole plane to know about it, after four hours we knew everything about him and how clever he was, he even redesigned the plastic tubes of milk and was an expert on exit doors because naturally he could design a better one!

On the return our pilot had to take a detour due to another strike by French air traffic control so we arrived back on British soil much later than planned. Enjoying the drive along the M25 and M3 we were congratulating ourselves on the fact you didn’t meet much traffic in the early hours of the morning. A couple of miles down the M3 and the matrix sign was flashing 30, but there was no traffic. We got to the next sign also flashing 30 still no traffic, I laughingly commented that they were often flashing for no reason and thought somebody had probably been leaning on the switch! WRONG! suddenly lots of flashing lights of all colours, there we sat for 45 minutes, which gave us time to catchup on our emails. We finally got back just before 5a.m. Both of us had work the next day and we haven’t stopped since.

Whoever said ‘it is better to travel than to arrive’ never went on an aeroplane!