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I have been involved with dogs all my life, starting at 18 months old winning child and dog most alike, I was wearing a red romper suit my grandmother made and was showing a black peke called Wol. Sadly I am too young to remember the occasion but have a picture as proof. Mother tells me the judge was not surprised when she found out whose daughter I was because most other mothers would have put their daughter in a party frock!

I have since gone on and bred and shown many different breeds of dogs and I am probably best known for my Crumblecreek Border Terriers but have had others including my last dog who was a Standard Poodle. For the last few years work and living circumstances have meant that I could not have a dog as I was never at home, but after  several months of agonising I now think the time is right.

The kind of work I now do makes it possible and with a little alteration to my life I think it’s time to have a companion. Once I said I was thinking of having a puppy one or two new aunties appeared so I expect I shall manage. Having had show dogs I thought it time to have a working dog so I am decided on a working Springer Spaniel.

So finding an advertisement in a regional paper I set off today knowing what a good friend told me is very true “You don’t go and look at puppies, you go to buy a puppy”! I had asked around the people who I thought maybe would hear of something available but as nothing was forthcoming I took the plunge and went to someone I didn’t know.

I arrived at a farm on the Somerset levels to be shown a litter of very well reared healthy looking pups, having in my mind I wanted a bitch I was disappointed to find that the colouring I had wanted only came in Dog. Tonight I am tussling with myself as to which one to have as there are two possibles. It will be make your mind up Grayson come morning.

Watch this space…………………………………………..

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