New #Blog Why do I buy a newspaper?

If I don’t buy a newspaper during the week I always get one on Saturday, mainly to do the General Knowledge crossword just to prove I am not that well educated.  My mother is also a follower of the same crossword although now her eyesight is so bad she doesn’t buy a paper any more but a good friend of hers copies it in an enlarged form to give her something to fight with through the week.  She is surrounded by reference books and magnifiers and has a good knowledge of Greek Mythology and Shakespeare which is always useful but we both fall down on anything chemical or mathematical.

I noticed today that there is little  good news or nice stories and wonder if the newspaper editors have a rule to blue pencil anything that might make us smile. Has our country and indeed the world become so depressing that we are not allowed the opportunity to perhaps have a pleasant story occassionally. The scientists tell us we are obese, carrying killer genes, the building societies are saying we are all going to live in refuge camps as we wont be able to afford to buy a house thats if we are lucky enough to keep our jobs, and when we want to retire we need to die quick otherwise we will be put in a home and treated worse than dirt on someones shoe! We can’t even rely on the seasons now due to ‘global warming’ which is in dispute as to whether it is going to turn us into icebergs or fry us like an egg.

Why do we have to have so many supplements to the weekend papers? I stopped buying a Sunday one years ago but now Saturday is as bad.  Recently we have had Education , Cruising, Football and so on.  We now get four or five of the same leaflets and last week I think I drew the short straw as I had six pieces of paper all the same asking me if I would like to have an insurance policy that will give me a free pen, wow, that was a close one, I managed to stop myself just in time! The glossy sometimes has interesting stories and I always read the ‘horror-scope’, this week I could meet the person of my dreams but I am not to make any hasty decisions, I wonder when that will fit in as I am working in the middle of nowhere surrounded by animals or driving 3 hrs to spend the weekend with my adopted brother who rows from the otherside of the boat!

Good things to cheer my weekend have been the builder fitting me a lovely new back gate and friends over for tea tomorrow and a house guest Sunday night, OH! and most important going to look at spaniel puppies on Monday, perhaps things aren’t all so bad.

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